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My Trips to the Hospital

Hi, I'm Cari. When I was a teenager, my best friend Claire's mom got cancer. I started offering to take Deb (the mom) to the hospital for her treatments to help give the family a break. They had all been in and out of the hospital so much, and since I'm basically family to them, it was nice to support Deb and Claire. Not to mention, I was able to learn a lot about different medical topics just be listening and watching while waiting in the hospital. It was fascinating. To everyone's joy, after a long and hard two years, Deb finally beat cancer! I decided to start this blog as a memorial to all those who have struggled with health problems and as a resource to for anyone who needs to know more about hospitals and treatments.


Advanced Nurse Midwives: How Portable Ultrasound Machines Help You Care For Your Patients

If you're an advanced nurse midwife or some other specialist in midwifery, you may want to have a portable ultrasound machine on hand. A portable ultrasound machine gives you the chance to examine patients who are at risk for premature delivery and other medical complications that endanger them and their babies. Here are three reasons to obtain your own portable ultrasound machine.

Easy to Use During Emergencies

If something happens to your patients or their babies, you must be able to act fast until emergency services arrives to your patients' home. A ultrasound machine lets you examine your patients' unborn babies quickly and efficiently. Not only do you have a chance to spot life-threatening problems, such as placenta previa, you have a chance to stop these problems from endangering the lives of your clients and their babies.

Equipped With the Latest Ultrasound Technology and Multiple Functions

You need a portable ultrasound device that comes with the latest technology. You need equipment that can access the wireless Internet from any location or produce 2- or 3-D images on screen without disruption or distortion.

Your portable ultrasound equipment may also feature smart scan devices that break through tough algorithms and complex applications with ease. These technological features keep you updated on your patients' medical progress, even when they're in the beginning stages of pregnancy.

Easy to Carry

Whether you care for ten patients or one, a portable ultrasound machine is light enough to carry without overtaxing your arms or back. If you have been in the field for a long time and experience back pain or some other body ailment, you can benefit from using a lightweight machine.

Most portable ultrasound machines come with cases that resemble laptops. The cases also feature long straps, which you can place across your shoulders and chest. You adjust the straps to fit your body size, height, and structure.

Tips For You

When you select your portable ultrasound machine, be sure to choose one that comes with programmable features. The features should allow you to maintain records of your patients' medical histories and records, which is very important during emergencies. 

Also, select a machine that has sharing capabilities with other doppler and ultrasound equipment. You never know when you need to transmit data to your patients' obstetricians for follow up care.

If you need more help choosing or deciding on a portable ultrasound machine, contact your health and medical specialists today.