My Trips to the Hospital

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My Trips to the Hospital

Hi, I'm Cari. When I was a teenager, my best friend Claire's mom got cancer. I started offering to take Deb (the mom) to the hospital for her treatments to help give the family a break. They had all been in and out of the hospital so much, and since I'm basically family to them, it was nice to support Deb and Claire. Not to mention, I was able to learn a lot about different medical topics just be listening and watching while waiting in the hospital. It was fascinating. To everyone's joy, after a long and hard two years, Deb finally beat cancer! I decided to start this blog as a memorial to all those who have struggled with health problems and as a resource to for anyone who needs to know more about hospitals and treatments.


Switching From Flower to Vape: Tips and Expectations

These days, there are more ways than ever before to use your medical marijuana. Some people still prefer the traditional route of smoking flower, but more and more, people are switching from flower to vape cartridges. If you've been thinking of making the switch yourself, here's a look at the benefits you can expect — along with some tips to ease the transition.

Benefits of Switching to Vape Cartridges

The key benefit of switching to vape cartridges is that it's easier on your lungs. Marijuana smoke does not do the damage that tobacco smoke does, but it is still smoke, and over time, it can lead to some lung discomfort and damage. Vaping is much cleaner; there's no smoke, just vaporized THC and aromatic compounds. 

Another benefit of switching to vaping is the flavor options. Sure, different strains of flowers have different flavors, but they all taste like marijuana. With vape cartridges, you can experience flavors like strawberry, honey, and even chocolate. This makes the experience of using your medical marijuana even more enjoyable.

Finally, vape cartridges allow you to better control your dose. Even if you know what percent THC your flower contains, there is some variability from bud to bud. Vape cartridges are more consistent. A 20% THC cartridge always contains 20% THC. 

Tips for Switching to Vape Cartridges

In most cases, this will be an easy switch, but there are a couple of tips you'll want to follow as you transition.

1. Don't go for too high of a THC concentration right off the bat. You may figure that if you've been smoking strains that are 20% THC, you should jump straight into a 20% THC cartridge. But some people respond differently to THC when it is vaped versus when it is smoked. You're best off buying a lower-concentration cartridge your first time around. If you find you need to vape more than a few hits, then you can upgrade next time.

2. Start at a low temperature. Most vaporizers have varying temperature settings. Start by vaping at the lowest temperature, as this is least likely to scorch the concentrate in your cartridge. Only increase the temperature if you do not get vapor at the lowest setting.

3. Count your hits. Count how many hits it takes for you to achieve your desired feeling. It will almost certainly be different from the number of hits you need to take when smoking flower.

Vape cartridges can give you a cleaner, more predictable experience than smoking flower. With the tips above, you should have no trouble making the switch. Contact a local medical marijuana dispensary to learn more.