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My Trips to the Hospital

Hi, I'm Cari. When I was a teenager, my best friend Claire's mom got cancer. I started offering to take Deb (the mom) to the hospital for her treatments to help give the family a break. They had all been in and out of the hospital so much, and since I'm basically family to them, it was nice to support Deb and Claire. Not to mention, I was able to learn a lot about different medical topics just be listening and watching while waiting in the hospital. It was fascinating. To everyone's joy, after a long and hard two years, Deb finally beat cancer! I decided to start this blog as a memorial to all those who have struggled with health problems and as a resource to for anyone who needs to know more about hospitals and treatments.



How Cosmetic Surgeons Help Football Players With Crooked Noses

Football players like you are prone to a broad array of different health problems related to the impact caused by this sport. For example, you may develop a broken nose that may be uncomfortable and hard to manage. Thankfully, you can get help for this issue from cosmetic surgeons.

Crooked Noses Can Be Uncomfortable

When you play football, there's a good chance that you're going to get hit hard at some point. Even if you wear a helmet, you could still break your nose and suffer from the negative consequences. This issue is one that can trigger a variety of complications.

For example, a broken nose may easily heal crooked and be less attractive than it was before the accident. And a crooked nose may become even worse if you or the person who got injured is still growing, such as if you are a teen going through late-period growth spurts.

Unfortunately, crooked noses are more than just an aesthetic problem. They may even make it hard for you to breathe properly through your nose, which may make you very uncomfortable for extended periods. Thankfully, you can get help to avoid affecting your football career.

How Cosmetic Surgeons Help

If a direct hit in a football game has caused your nose to go crooked, you may want to consider high-quality cosmetic surgery from surgeons who you can trust. These professionals have years of experience working with issues like these and can figure out a solution.

For example, they can straighten your deviated septum to ensure that you breathe well at night. Just as importantly, they will take the crooked nose that has become so unattractive to you and will work to restore it to its original shape as much as possible.

Just as importantly, these experts will take the time to check in on your progress weeks after your surgery is over. These checkups are designed to identify possible issues that may worsen your condition and to provide you with the help that you need to keep your nose straight.

If possible, you may have to stay out of football for a few weeks — or even months — to ensure that your nose stays straight. This wait can be frustrating but is necessary if you value the look of your nose and want to keep it as straight as possible after your visit to cosmetic surgeons.

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