My Trips to the Hospital

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My Trips to the Hospital

Hi, I'm Cari. When I was a teenager, my best friend Claire's mom got cancer. I started offering to take Deb (the mom) to the hospital for her treatments to help give the family a break. They had all been in and out of the hospital so much, and since I'm basically family to them, it was nice to support Deb and Claire. Not to mention, I was able to learn a lot about different medical topics just be listening and watching while waiting in the hospital. It was fascinating. To everyone's joy, after a long and hard two years, Deb finally beat cancer! I decided to start this blog as a memorial to all those who have struggled with health problems and as a resource to for anyone who needs to know more about hospitals and treatments.



4 Reasons To Visit A Physical Therapist

If you're having some issues with your body, you may be looking to get some relief by visiting a physical therapist. Physical therapists are able to help with a number of issues so that their patients can live better lives. Take a look at the following information to better understand the reasons as to why you may decide to visit a physical therapist in the future.

Have Less Pain

If you've been involved in an accident or have an injury and have been experiencing a lot of pain in your body, it may be time to see a physical therapist. With regular stretches and exercises, a professional can help you experience a lot less pain. As you continue to see a therapist on a regular basis, you may find that you no longer have pain issues, which can make your everyday life a lot more comfortable.

Better Sports Performance

Whether you like to visit the gym on a routine basis to stay fit or you're an athlete, you may be looking to have better overall sports performance. A physical therapist can work with you so that you're able to see the results that you want. As you take part in stretches and exercises, you can increase your flexibility. This can give you a better range of motion so that you can move more easily. It may also allow you to move faster so that you're able to have better results on the field or when working out. 

Learn Everyday Tasks Again

Sadly, many people are involved in accidents or serious injuries that leave them unable to complete everyday tasks without help. Luckily, a physical therapist can help you get back to your normal routine. While it will take time, effort, and a lot of hard work, your therapist will help you learn to do things such as stand up, walk, and use your hands and feet again. This can allow you to overcome huge challenges and get back to the life that you remember. 

Avoid Surgery

Many people are looking for ways to avoid surgery, as they want the least stressful and dangerous way to get better. If you have been involved in an accident and physical therapy is an option, you may be able to avoid surgery completely. Talk to a professional about your recovery options and stick with your physical therapy routine in order to get the best results.

As you can see, physical therapists can help in so many ways. If you have any questions, or if you're ready to schedule an appointment, contact a company like Advanced Physical Therapy.